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Clay by Clark

Bunny Muslin Lovey

Bunny Muslin Lovey

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Introducing our adorable Bunny Lovey, the perfect companion for your little one's sweet dreams and snuggles.

Crafted from 100% cotton muslin, our Bunny Lovey is soft, breathable, and gentle on your baby's delicate skin, providing the ultimate comfort and security for naptime and bedtime.

Designed as a double lovey, this blanket features a charming bunny design on one side and a classic muslin texture on the other, offering versatility and style in one cozy package.

With a variety of designs and colors available, including Lion, Koala, Bear, and Elephant, there's a Bunny Lovey to suit every baby's personality and nursery theme.

Whether your little one is drifting off to sleep or in need of a comforting companion during playtime, our Bunny Lovey is sure to become a cherished favorite for years to come.

Give your baby the gift of comfort and companionship with our adorable Bunny Lovey, because every cuddle is filled with love and warmth.

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